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October 29th, 2010

With HIV Medication Adherence, It’s Not a Competition

There has been an irresistable urge for people — doctors, public health officers, politicians, journalists, the usual pundits — to compare adherence to HIV treatment in resource-rich vs. resource-limited setting.  I suspect this is because the whole issue got off to a famously bad start in 2001, when then-head of  the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Andrew Natsios […]

May 28th, 2009

The Paul Farmer Watch

Our pal Paul Farmer keeps racking up the titles: Dr. Paul Farmer, a pioneer in improving health services in the Third World, has been named chairman of Harvard Medical School’s Department of Global Health and Social Medicine … (snip) Peter Brown, spokesman for Brigham and Women’s Hospital, said Farmer also had been named to succeed Kim […]

October 18th, 2008

Back to School, Day 2

During the course, often the best questions and anecdotes come during the breaks.  Here are a few: Tons of questions about our favorite nemesis, MRSA.  What works for chronic carriers?  How do you manage family members who you suspect would be culture-positive (and the source of recurrences), but are not your patient?  What if the vet […]

May 5th, 2008

Brush with Greatness: Paul Farmer

Perhaps you caught this week’s 60 Minutes, featuring the work done by Partners in Health, the group founded and run by Paul Farmer. (If he reads this, he’ll no doubt want to correct my description of him as playing these major roles, eager to give equal credit to his impressive colleague Jim Kim and his mentor […]

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