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“HIV and ID Observations” started in March 2008, with a goal of commenting on interesting Infectious Diseases, HIV, and other medical and not-so-medical news from admittedly one particular perspective. The site is hosted by the Massachusetts Medical Society, which is much more famous for publishing the New England Journal of Medicine and the NEJM Journal Watch newsletters. I’m delighted to bask in their much greater glory and will, of course, frequently cite and comment on pieces from both publications. From its inception, “HIV and ID Observations” has been plagued by the need for a clever title, and suggestions would be most welcome.

Importantly, certain details on all clinical anecdotes are changed so that individual patients cannot be identified.

Comments to posts are, of course, encouraged. It is a moderated forum, meaning that editorial staff review comments before they are posted and that we need to know you are a real person and not some spam-generating HIV/ID-obsessed Bot (hence the requirement for an email address). We will never publish your email address, and inclusion of your name is optional. We will also not publish comments that do the following:

  • Personally attack, abuse, or bait others
  • Make the same point over and over again
  • Self-identify as a patient of our bloggers or one of their colleagues (this is a no-no in the post-HIPAA world)
  • Quote more material than is necessary to capture the point being made, or fail to attribute quoted material — please provide the link
  • Use comments as a venue for self-promotion or sales

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are not necessarily those of NEJM Journal Watch or NEJM Group.

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