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June 2nd, 2012

Cryptococcal Meningitis Study Stopped — Early HIV Therapy Clearly Harmful

From NIAID, an important clinical trial has been stopped early: The Phase IV study … was evaluating whether HIV-infected participants hospitalized with cryptococcal meningitis (CM) but not yet taking antiretroviral therapy (ART) would improve their chances of survival if they began ART while receiving CM treatment as inpatients compared with the standard practice of beginning ART […]

May 2nd, 2010

Learning from Clinical Trials with Limited “Generalizability”

In the ongoing debate about when to start antiretroviral therapy in our sickest patients — those with acute opportunistic infections — comes this study from Zimbabwe of early vs. deferred ART in patients with cryptococcal meningitis: The median durations of survival were 28 days and 637 days in the early and delayed ART groups, respectively (P=.031, […]

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