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October 22nd, 2012

Can a “Treat Everyone with HIV” Policy Actually Work? In San Francisco, Yes

As has often been the case in the history of the HIV epidemic, the HIV/AIDS Division at San Francisco General Hospital and the San Francisco Department of Health were ahead of the curve in 2010 when they issued a recommendation that all people with HIV should receive treatment, regardless of CD4 count. Of course, US guidelines […]

April 10th, 2012

A Skeptical Look at “Test and Treat”

Over in Journal Watch AIDS Clinical Care, Abbie Zuger has written a fascinating perspective on the recent enthusiasm for universal HIV treatment. Her take? Let’s just say she doesn’t share the enthusiasm of public health officials and members of guidelines committees. Well, that’s a huge understatement. Specifically: This strategy, which calls for universal voluntary HIV testing and […]

March 18th, 2011

Friday Fosfomycins

Today’s ID/HIV comments and links are named after every ID specialist’s favorite new toy for UTIs. This HIV transmission from a kidney donor is getting quite a bit of media play, as such complications always do.  I was at a meeting this AM when one of my colleagues (an endocrinologist) commented how horrible she thought it […]

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