September 8th, 2022

A Back To Work ID Link-o-Rama

Zelda, Zoe, and Louie on the cover of their latest album, Parallel Paws. With apologies to Debbie Harry and Chris Stein.

A few nuggets are rattling around in the inbox post Labor Day, including this extraordinary photo of our family dogs Zelda, Zoe, and Louie, posing for their latest album cover.


Besides, I haven’t done one of these Link-o-Ramas since January 11, 2021! That was either 20 months ago or 20 years, hard to keep track of time these days.

Enough with the introduction. On with the links — starting with some highlights from this year’s 2022 AIDS Conference in Montreal:

Non-ID section:


Seems particularly appropriate for us ID doctors, as we gradually return to in-person big public meetings.

(Dog photo by Hollis Rafkin-Sax, edited by Anne Sax, based on a design idea by … me.)

2 Responses to “A Back To Work ID Link-o-Rama”

  1. Mark C says:

    Hooray for the return of ID Link-o-Ramas! And that dog video made me laugh out loud.

  2. Samuel Stampfer says:

    Fantastic links and summaries- thanks! I am definitely intrigued by the small metformin signal in that trial, although I note that all patients in that trial were overweight. How much of the efficacy could possibly be attributed to metformin-induced improved blood glucose control in a patient group that likely contains some undiagnosed individuals with diabetes or prediabetes? I wonder whether metformin might be disproportionately effective such a group in ways that would not be useful in, say, a thin immunocompromised patient.

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