November 4th, 2018

Your Next ID Cartoon Caption Contest — Yearning for Your Submission

The nice people who write our hospital’s newsletter interviewed me recently about this blog, and we covered a whole lot of territory.

How it got started … inspirations … popular posts … fax machines … why an ID doctor from Mexico asked me about my dog Louie.

There was, however, a grave omission — nowhere in this otherwise comprehensive review of highlights did I mention our ID Cartoon Caption Contests.

Appalling, I know — especially since these are easily the most commented-upon posts in the 10-plus year history of this thing. If you add up posted comments here and on Twitter, we must have something like a gazillion so far.

A collaboration with my sister Anne, these contests are the product of a now- patented creative process, which goes something like this (all by email/texting):

Me:  Hey, Anne. How about we do another cartoon?
Anne:  Sure! Any ideas?
Me:  Let’s do one that shows a doctor examining a patient with a highly obvious abnormality — something so absurd you can’t miss it.
Anne:  How’s this?
Me:  Yikes. Too scary.
Anne:  How about this? Or this?
Me: I’m partial to dogs [OBVIOUSLY] — but dolphin man might be better.
Anne:  Really? How bout getting rid of the animals altogether? Take a look at this.
Me: Perfect! Umbrella head!
Anne: Wonder how your brilliant readers will come up with an ID-themed caption.
Me:  They’ll think of something.

Here, then, without further ado, is the latest cartoon, desperate for your clever caption. You’ll see it’s a common cartoon theme, but with a medical twist. And just in time for the cold weather.

As always, write your proposed caption in the comments section, or post it on my Twitter feed. Have fun, and be safe out there!

And given the obvious inspiration for this whole exercise, here’s a highly relevant video.

62 Responses to “Your Next ID Cartoon Caption Contest — Yearning for Your Submission”

  1. Louie Katz. says:

    It’s easy here. Just psittacosis and V. vulnificus.

  2. Joe says:

    Sorry, no available beds for admission

  3. Denis B. Hart MD says:

    Even though climate change is a pre-existing condition, because of the ACA you won’t be stranded.

  4. Miriam says:

    I think my water broke

  5. andi says:

    I’m sorry, your insurance does not cover visits that are out of continent.

    You asked for a second opinion. Let’s consult my colleague, Dr. Polly:
    Dr Polly: LUUUUUPUS, squawk!

  6. AS says:

    Haha. Great one!

  7. Howard says:

    Sorry for the wait.

  8. Jake #4 says:

    Any travel exposures?

  9. Jacob says:

    So when exactly did the hallucinations begin?

  10. Robert Ellis says:

    Sometimes you just gotta get your feet wet

  11. Sharon Cohen says:

    I couldn’t get an appointment with you for 20 years.

  12. Brian says:

    Believing coconut oil is good for you won’t make it any less of a problem than those ignoring the threat of global warming.

  13. Shervin says:

    We want to make sure all of our patients are comfortable during the examination.

  14. Mel Breite says:

    Take these. The pharmacy opens at low tide

  15. Edward Kraus says:

    “You say, you can’t hold your water”

  16. Pat McCann says:

    “The waiting room is swamped, you were lucky to get in!”

  17. William says:

    I’m sorry to say you’ve contracted cryptococonutcosis. Cause unknown.

  18. Rebecca Ludwig says:

    So you say you are worried you have Mycetoma pedis?

  19. Stephen Jones says:

    May I ask how you found us?

  20. Alexander Levitan says:

    Yes, global warming should enable you to meet a hot young man!.
    Just use the usual precautions.

  21. David Rimland says:

    I wanted to ease into retirement but still see patients.

  22. Doug Crawford says:

    Well as far as I’m concerned, you can keep soaking your feet until coconuts fall from the sky.

  23. Karen Edit says:

    You can come a little closer. I promise I won’t touch you inappropriately – again.

  24. Harvey Halperin says:

    Now this is what I call medical tourism

  25. peggy says:

    ISLE say you are incontinent

    • Barry says:

      I don’t think alleged global warming could be causing your subjective fevers. Totally crackers, eh, Polly?

  26. Jim Clark says:

    “Shall I give you some time to let this all sink in?”

  27. Ben says:

    Despite being on his honeymoon, Dr. Smith found it difficult to fully disconnect from his work

  28. Joe H says:

    the good news is you won’t be needing those travel vaccines.

  29. Joe H says:

    I should probably stop prescribing voriconazole

  30. Jonathan Friedman says:

    I’m thinking now that it may be better not to consider your symptoms in isolation.

  31. John Davis says:

    You’re in an ocean of trouble.

  32. Timothy Lane says:

    Despite the denial of global climate change, you are actually in Syracuse, NY.

  33. Brendon Smith says:

    I’d say it’s more global warming than just hot flashes.

  34. Philippe Delmaire says:

    So tell me… How did you find me?

  35. Mark Gosnell says:

    You need more Vitamin D…

  36. Ray Holt says:

    “You do realize you won’t be reimbursed for travel to and from the office if you take this job”?

  37. Elaine Cone says:

    Uhh…hh…I think you need a water pill.

  38. Jason Blitz says:

    Due to global warming, I’ll have to refer you to an undersea medical officer.

  39. Dan Gillis says:

    “You have an STI. We’ll need to track down your partners.”

  40. Matthew says:

    Dang…computer froze on me again

  41. ken brady says:

    I’m prescribing saline soaks for your foot infection

  42. Ben Derman says:

    “I’m just going to throw in ICD-10 code V94.0XXD: Hitting object or bottom of body of water due to fall from watercraft, subsequent encounter”

  43. Marvin Sager says:

    Sorry, but we are “flooded” with complaints like yours!

  44. Matt M says:

    Perhaps we should cut back on the lasix

  45. Sandra Criales says:

    Upps I’am afraid we are stock here… your psittacosis love to be hidden.

    ( Chlamydophyla psittaci is a cocci gram- immobile intracellular strict -like the little dots in sweater’s woman and the meaning of chlamydophyla is love to be hide )

  46. Spiral Geronimo says:

    So, I guess the Depends didn’t work. How about Myrbetriq?

  47. Spiral Geronimo says:

    Yes, this is an adequate sample size for our research.

  48. David K says:

    I know what the Internet says, but Lyme disease is not endemic here.

  49. Angie says:

    Wait right here! I am going to write you a script for a Scopolamine patch. How long will you be in your chair?

  50. Fernanda says:

    Tropical medicine is not about coconut oil and sun baths to cure your middle age crisis

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