November 4th, 2018

Your Next ID Cartoon Caption Contest — Yearning for Your Submission

The nice people who write our hospital’s newsletter interviewed me recently about this blog, and we covered a whole lot of territory.

How it got started … inspirations … popular posts … fax machines … why an ID doctor from Mexico asked me about my dog Louie.

There was, however, a grave omission — nowhere in this otherwise comprehensive review of highlights did I mention our ID Cartoon Caption Contests.

Appalling, I know — especially since these are easily the most commented-upon posts in the 10-plus year history of this thing. If you add up posted comments here and on Twitter, we must have something like a gazillion so far.

A collaboration with my sister Anne, these contests are the product of a now- patented creative process, which goes something like this (all by email/texting):

Me:  Hey, Anne. How about we do another cartoon?
Anne:  Sure! Any ideas?
Me:  Let’s do one that shows a doctor examining a patient with a highly obvious abnormality — something so absurd you can’t miss it.
Anne:  How’s this?
Me:  Yikes. Too scary.
Anne:  How about this? Or this?
Me: I’m partial to dogs [OBVIOUSLY] — but dolphin man might be better.
Anne:  Really? How bout getting rid of the animals altogether? Take a look at this.
Me: Perfect! Umbrella head!
Anne: Wonder how your brilliant readers will come up with an ID-themed caption.
Me:  They’ll think of something.

Here, then, without further ado, is the latest cartoon, desperate for your clever caption. You’ll see it’s a common cartoon theme, but with a medical twist. And just in time for the cold weather.

As always, write your proposed caption in the comments section, or post it on my Twitter feed. Have fun, and be safe out there!

And given the obvious inspiration for this whole exercise, here’s a highly relevant video.

62 Responses to “Your Next ID Cartoon Caption Contest — Yearning for Your Submission”

  1. Iqra Haq says:

    I can assure you ma’am I am an expert in the field of tropical medicine.

  2. Deborah says:

    “When they said our computer system was migrating to Java, this wasn’t what I had in mind either”…….

  3. Ben S says:

    While I support your hypothesis regarding an upper limit to the correlation between the spread of tick-borne disease and global warming, I just don’t see where psittacosis comes into play….

  4. Matt says:

    Mumbling…”And people are still complaining about plastic wrap for CID”

  5. Julian O'Brien says:

    “Of course you can talk freely, my parrot is sworn to secrecy”

  6. Marshall Kubota says:

    Why yes, I’m a solo practioneer. How could you tell?

  7. Heather says:

    I’m afraid Walgreens don’t deliver this far out of town, so the only treatment I can offer for your hayfever is salt water baths

  8. Corey says:

    Any recent travel?

  9. michael says:

    Unfortunately,madam,it’s water on the brain.

  10. Rae Lowery says:

    Hang on a minute…our internet seems to be down.

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