January 30th, 2013

“So You Think You’re an HIV Expert?”

I’ve been working with the folks over at Clinical Care Options (in particular, Elaine Seeskin) on a program entitled, “So You Think You’re an HIV Expert”, and it was just released here.

It’s a series of quick interactive case presentations, and thanks to some nifty programming and great questions submitted by my colleagues Drs. Daar, Eron, Gallant, Hodder, and Powderly, it’s actually fun.

(Yes, I know — ID geek.)

Do it on-line, or on your hand-held device (apps available for iPhone, iPad, Android); programs on HCV and multiple myeloma also available.

Two other quick comments:

  • Will anything require more substantial revision in the next 1-2 years than the one on hepatitis C?
  • I started the one on multiple myeloma, and realized very quickly the answer to the question of whether I’m an expert is emphatically NO.


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