January 14th, 2010

Magic Wand Destroys H1N1 — and More!

78326AFrom the folks at Hammacher Schlemmer comes this extraordinary device:

Tests performed by an independent antimicrobial testing laboratory showed the wand destroyed 99.98% of the H1N1 virus after a five-second exposure when held 3/4″ above the contaminated surface. Also capable of killing MRSA, mold, and dust mites, the UV-C light penetrates viral and bacterial membranes and destroys their DNA, rendering the microorganisms incapable of reproduction and survival. 

It’s worth noting that this thing became available just as the number of flu cases began to plummet.

Do we have this magic wand to thank?

2 Responses to “Magic Wand Destroys H1N1 — and More!”

  1. Werner Keller says:

    I held the wand one inch away from the virus and it didnt work

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