August 26th, 2009

Late Summer Odds and Ends: Circumcision, H1N1 Vaccine, Lyme Movie, etc.

A few ID/HIV items to cover before summer “unofficially” ends (Sept 1?  Kids back at school?  Labor Day?):

  • Will US Public Health officials recommend infant male circumcision to prevent HIV?  They might be considering such a move, but I suspect it will not be strongly promoted.  After all, none of the studies demonstrating its efficacy have been done in developed countries, and the pattern of the US epidemic — predominantly gay men and women of infected male partners — excludes the very group circumcision has been shown to protect:  circumcised heterosexual men.  Look for lots of CDC-ese in these guidelines, with terms such as “consider” and “might choose” and “be offered.”
  • Getting lots of questions from my patients about the H1N1 vaccine.  Some decent interim answers here.  When available?  (Don’t know yet.)  Who will get it?  (The young, pregnant women, those at risk for severe flu)  Will there be enough?  (Maybe.)  Will the regular flu vaccine still be needed?  (Yes.)  Will this season’s flu vaccination programs/clinics/sites be civilized affairs with minimal panic, anger, waiting lines, frustration?  (I hope so, but the media will do their best to portray the situation otherwise.)
  • Anyone see this movie on chronic Lyme?  Would love to hear your impressions.  I have not seen it — but this will definitely be a Netflix choice when it a appears on DVD.  (Note that I did not link to Netflix; I’m a big fan, but they are the most egregious purveyors of annoying pop-up ads in the universe right now.)
  • How’s this for a new definition of contagious?  Be reassured:  my little teaser photo has been thoroughly autoclaved.

Enjoy the sunshine …

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