December 2nd, 2014

CROI 2016 Dates Announced — You Read That Right — and What Will We Be Talking About Then?

As any HIV/ID specialist knows, the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, or CROI, is one of our very best (I think it’s the best) HIV scientific conferences, bringing together basic and clinical researchers for several days each winter in some cold, North American city for high-minded, scholarly pursuit.

But it has historically had a peculiar habit of releasing the dates of the upcoming conference unconscionably late, prompting all sorts of conspiracy theories and sleuthing, some of which I’ve playfully engaged in here.

No more — thanks to Donna Jacobsen from IAS-USA and the organizing committee, last year the CROI 2015 dates were announced before the 2014 conference.

And this year they’ve done even better:

croi 2016

Let the record show that we know the dates of CROI 2016 a full 449 days from now.

And what will the top news from that 2016 meeting be?

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2 Responses to “CROI 2016 Dates Announced — You Read That Right — and What Will We Be Talking About Then?”

  1. Ken Warnock says:

    I selected HIV infections in US plummet as a result of TAP!! I certainly hope this is the case as currently, fewer than 40% of HIV+ patients (like myself) are engaged in care! As a healthcare provider, this has been a frustrating thing to see and over the past few weeks, learning that at least three young HIV+ activists have died. I still hold out hope for both a cure and, ultimately, a vaccine, however, getting patients engaged in care is a key goal in reducing the rate of new infections.

    I believe this is a much more effective, clinically and economically, approach than PrEP which also will continue to garner more attention over the next two years!!

    Some day, I’d like to be able to attend CROI although one would think that with all of the brilliant minds involved, February in Boston is not my favorite place to be!! September would be nice!! I’m just saying!!

  2. Eric says:

    Top news from CROI 2016: “Old CROI abstracts make triumphant return to internet, scientists rejoice.”

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