February 11th, 2009

CROI 2010 Dates and Location Announced

February 16-20, 2010, San Francisco — at least according to John Mellors during his opening remarks here in Montreal.

Is it really one day longer?  [Update — no, it’s Feb 17-20.] Really during the week of Presidents’ Day?  (School vacation week in New England … but I realize you can’t make everyone happy with schedules.)

In other words, regardless …

It’s great to know ahead of time. 

11 Responses to “CROI 2010 Dates and Location Announced”

  1. Dr.K.Ramakrishnan says:

    Wishes to CROI 2010!!

    I kind request you to send the details of CROI 2010 and invitation to me.

  2. Eran Bendavid says:

    The Moscone Center in San Francisco is blocked for CROI Feb 17-20 2010, not a moment longer than absolutely needed, and good chance of a sunny conference after 2 frigid years…

  3. Paul Sax says:

    Ah, so perhaps the “Feb 16” start date is wrong.

    Nothing on the web site …

  4. Tany says:

    Yes, I guess Feb 17-20 2010

  5. Dr.K.Ramakrishnan says:

    I am a researcher in the field of HIV/TB. Anything related to CROI 2010 or HIV/AIDS CONFERENCE Inform through mail.


  6. Paul Sax says:

    Dr KR,

    Check out the CROI web site:


    Confirms SF February 16-20, 2010; abstract deadline October 6, 2009.


  7. Orikiiriza Judy says:

    I am young upcoming researcher who would like to be updated on the CROI upcoming conference

  8. Dr Ganesh Anusuya says:

    Dr Ramakrishnan.Happy to see your comments.I hope you remenber me.We met in the National conference in Jaipur.One happy news, my research project on Virological discordance in patients with immunological failure was accepted for oral presentation in 2009 HIV/AIDS Implementers meeting in NAMIBIA.I was also lucky to get scholarship to go to namibia and present my work.You can see the powerpoint presentation slides in hiv implementers website , session number 13. Bye.

  9. Seth says:

    Please am a student working on the field of HIV and TB. Please get me informed about all conferences and seminars

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