April 5th, 2014

$0 for 30 Minutes of My Time? Sign Me Up!

Best e-mail survey ever, my second invitation from them — hence a “friendly reminder”:

Dear Sax,

This is a friendly reminder about the online study we recently invited you to – X5328963_HCV

Approximate interview length: 30 minutes
Honorarium: $0
Estimated end date: 2014.06.22

By clicking the survey link below, you agree to participate under the terms specified above.

Start survey.

Once complete, please click the link below to check your account balance and redeem any outstanding honoraria.

Honorarium survey

Thank you for your time — your views are important to us.


Doctors get a lot of survey requests, but this is the first time I’ve received one that has so accurately estimated the dollar value of an ID specialists’ time.

Let’s see — if I do a hundred of these, what would my net be? Still zero?

Oh well. At least my views are important to them.

(Full disclosure: Survey links changed — last one to a candidate for the funniest four minutes… oh, just watch it.)

One Response to “$0 for 30 Minutes of My Time? Sign Me Up!”

  1. Ronald Hirsch says:

    At least you were warned it was a “charitable” donation to the company. Some surveys offer a nice honorarium, ask you questions for 10 minutes then tell you that you do not qualify for the study and thank you for your time. Yeah, thanks a whole lot…

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