February 19th, 2010

CROI 2011 Dates: February 27-March 3, Boston

croi 2011 dateCROI just about wrapping up — excellent, as usual.  Hope to provide some “greatest hits” shortly.

But since John Mellors announced the dates of next year’s conference — and because the CROI web site can be “leisurely” in posting this information — I offer the following evidence as a public service to researchers, teachers, clinicians, and schedule-makers out there in HIV/ID Land.

Come for the conference, stay for the weather!

11 Responses to “CROI 2011 Dates: February 27-March 3, Boston”

  1. Come on! The Boston skyline never looks like that in late February/early March. CROI should be sued for false advertising!

  2. Dr. Sarita Agrawal says:


    I am professor and head OBGY in medical college in India, and incharge of PPTCT DEPTT.Iam also the national chairperson og HIV/AIDS COMMITTEE of federation of obstetrical and gynecological society of India.
    wish to participate in the conference
    it would be a favour if you send me the details .

    thanks and regards

    Dr. Sarita Agrawal
    Professor & Head
    Deptt. OF Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences


  3. Paul Sax says:

    Dr. Agrawal,
    You’ll have to get that info from the “official” CROI site — http://www.retroconference.org/2010/ — which still, for the record, does not have the date/location of the 2011 conference posted.

  4. Gustavo Kijak says:

    Dear Paul,
    when is the deadline for abstreact submission for CROI 2011?

  5. Paul Sax says:

    Gustavo … I don’t know. Maybe if enough of us contact the conference organizers they’ll let us know! Paul

  6. Florence Tush says:

    Hi Paul,

    I am a public health nutiritonists based in Uganda. I have looked at the themes for poster presentations and in there, is Malnutrition and Nutritional Supplementation: Outcomes as a theme. Do the conference organisers allow outcomes on other interventions (e.g. nutriiton education and counselling) or it is strictly supplementation outcomes that should be presented?

  7. Paul Sax says:

    Florence, not sure the answer to your question. You might wish to contact someone on the program committee. Paul

  8. Elke Backman says:

    A deadline for CROI 2011 abstracts!

    Authors should submit abstracts electronically no later than 5:30 pm ET, October 12, 2010.

  9. John says:

    Any info on location/dates for CROI 2012?

  10. What are the dates for CROI 2012 as I need to prepare my attending schedule for next year. John Bartlett

  11. Tanvir Bell says:

    Any new information of dates and location CROI 2012? I’m in the process of putting in my requests for next years attending schedule as well. Thanks

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