June 22nd, 2013

NEJM Group, Blog Freeze, and Puppy Brothers

It’s official — the various medical products of the Massachusetts Medical Society are now lumped under NEJM Group — including the flagship New England Journal of Medicine itself, the Journal Watches, even this site.

No surprise, therefore, that there will be a new web platform, with the launch slated for next week. I’ve been told this means a “blog freeze” — sounds like a summer ice cream treat — for at least June 24-25. During the freeze, there will be no new posts or comments.

Here then, to bide the time until we’re up and running again, is a picture of our puppy Louie and his brother Arlo, who fortunately just happens to live down the street:

2 Responses to “NEJM Group, Blog Freeze, and Puppy Brothers”

  1. Sharon says:

    So unbelievably cute! What kind of dog are they?

    • Paul Sax says:

      Coton de tulear — . If you find yourself in Coolidge Corner (Brookline), go to the store Wild Goose Chase. These pups’ father lives there.


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