January 25th, 2009

Just Twenty Days Until Pitchers and Catchers Report …

As the temperature in Boston again falls below 10 degrees, my thoughts longingly turn to baseball — and how a  locally unpopular team is making a foray into the world of Infectious Diseases:

The potential of a serious staph infection affecting a member of the team has not been lost on the New York Yankees. According to a provider of disinfecting sports coating, the Yankees have been proactive in their quest to keep the new stadium as clean as possible.

“Of course they want to protect their investments, but they also want to minimize any bacterial infection anywhere in the new stadium to protect the fans,” said Craig Andrews, CEO of CSG Sportscoatings. “They are the most proactive of any organization in Major League Baseball in protecting their facilities for players and fans.”

Andrews said all public bathrooms and concession areas, along with the home and visiting clubhouses, weight rooms, lounges, showers, coaches’ rooms, dugouts and bullpens, are being treated.

Whether these coatings actually work is open to debate — regular cleaning of surfaces with detergent-based cleaners or disinfectants seems most important in locker rooms —  but regardless, I can just hear it now.

Yankee fan:  “Great, now Texeira, Sabathia, Jeter, and A-Rod can stay healthy.”
Red Sox fan: “This will probably spawn the super-bug that will end civilization.”

Football fan: “Who cares?”

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