October 2nd, 2016

“Brink of HIV Cure” ID Link-o-Rama

british_scientists_on_brink_of_hiv_cure___news___the_times___the_sunday_timesThere, that title got your attention, didn’t it?

Anyway, this HIV cure news thing and a few other ID/HIV topics to contemplate while buying your pumpkin, celebrating the New Year in October, or shaking your head that all the stores seem to be putting out their Christmas stuff already. I mean, come on — it’s not even Halloween!

Meanwhile, allow me to finish with this very funny curbside (at least funny to us).


Yes, I know — ID geek jokes. 80s mosquito, ha.


4 Responses to ““Brink of HIV Cure” ID Link-o-Rama”

  1. Loretta S says:

    I laughed at the 80’s mosquito jokes, and I’m not an ID geek. An ID groupie, maybe. 😉

    Reading the Statnews article was somewhat depressing. I am really hoping we can get beyond the argument that “Some protection is better than none” when it comes to the flu vaccine. True that, but not terribly convincing to our patients. Of course, the only way we will be able to get beyond that is to have a vaccine that is highly effective from year-to-year. I can hope, can’t I?

    Important news about the effects of HCV Tx on patients with compensated cirrhosis. I tell my students that as HCV is becoming less of a factor in the US liver transplant rate, NAFLD/NASH is stepping up to the plate and becoming more of a factor. (See, I got a baseball reference in, Paul!) Also depressing.

    I’d better go listen to some Journey to lift my mood. Right now! Thanks for all the condensed and important info, Paul.

  2. Phil Bolduc says:

    Hi Paul – Thanks for the links and summaries; as always, very helpful. I find it interesting that only 64% and 67% of HBV eAg+ patients achieved full viral suppression at 48wks, despite there being no known resistance to tenofovir (and this is not too different from previously published rates of viral suppression on TDF). Have you found a good explanation for why, in the absence of resistance mutations, a sizeable proportion of patients don’t suppress, even in situations where we have a good marker of adherence in HIV co-infected patients whose HIV VL is suppressed? Thanks – Phil

    • Paul Sax says:

      Good question. At least part of it is the kinetics of HBV DNA response, which are much slower in the late phases than HIV. Can take many more months of Rx to suppress HBV than HIV, and even then some lower level viral load can be detected.


  3. Federico says:

    Interestingly enough, there has been only one reported cured patient with HIV, “the Berlin patient”, which happened to have recieved a SCT with a homozygous CCR5 mutation that confer immunity to HIV. Now i wonder, do I want to be immunosupressed for the rest of my life from a STC or having a nearly normal life with a pill? So, to keep the funny curbside, “Do not insult the pill, Alright?”

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