December 11th, 2011

An Unlikely Interviewee Discusses “Six-Class” HIV Drug Resistance

He’d never acknowledge it, but in our field, it’s no secret this guy is something of a rock star.

I can think of several key principles in HIV pathogenesis and treatment that he and his research group have discovered, or elucidated most clearly, or simply explained the best — largely through his unique ability to link smart clinicians and laboratory scientists.

In other words, translational research at its finest.

Note I’m not using his name, since he’d definitely not approve of of any of this. Which is why I was particularly lucky to get him to agree to this interview, where we discuss those patients who, despite our numerous treatment options, are unfortunate enough to have HIV that is resistant to everything.  “Six class” antiviral resistance.

No, he didn’t agree because I have incriminating photos or other dirt. But he owed me, since I was able to give him the correct date for his lecture at IDSA — the date was changed, and no one told him. (A recurrent nightmare of mine, by the way.)

Thanks again, SD.

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