April 14th, 2012

2004 HIV Treatment Guidelines: Available Now!

Bargain hunters will be glad to hear that over on Amazon, they can get a copy of the 2004 Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in HIV-1 Infected Adults and Adolescents — all for the remarkably low price of $16.15.

Notable content from that banner year included:

  • for asymptomatic patients with CD4 > 350, the HIV RNA threshold to consider starting therapy changed from 55,000 (that was an unusual number, wasn’t it?) to 100,000 copies/mL
  • stavudine (d4T) moved from preferred to alternative list, for obvious reasons
  • tenofovir plus 3TC or FTC added to preferred NRTI combinations for PIs as well as NNRTIs
  • discussion of hydroxyurea (remember that?) removed entirely
  • a new section on treatment discontinuation, that includes this cautious statment: “In patients with HIV infection on antiviral therapy with viral suppression who have maintained CD4 levels above those currently recommended for initiating therapy, some relevant, but not definitive, data exist on stopping antiretroviral therapy.”

Of course you could also just go to the aidsinfo web site, which has all this interesting historical information for free.

That’s what I did.

(Hat tip to Alice Pau for the Amazon link.)

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