Eric Bressman, MD

Eric Bressman, MD

Eric was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, where he spent his youth preparing for an audition with his hometown Bulls (that never came to pass). He migrated east to the Big Apple for college at Columbia University, where he studied math and history, and then moved slightly further east to Mount Sinai Hospital for medical school and Internal Medicine residency. He is looking forward to a career as an academic hospitalist and a researcher, with a focus on health policy and healthcare delivery innovation. Eric is the proud father of two beautiful boys: one human, one border collie. When he's not working on any of the aforementioned endeavors, you might find him plying his green thumb in his (small) urban garden, dabbling on the guitar (mostly nursery rhymes these days), or hiking one of our nation’s majestic national parks (23 and counting).

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November 26th, 2019

Of Metrics and Medicine

One of the least motivating requests I received routinely as a new intern was something like, “… and can we make sure this is a discharge before noon?” I recall a particularly eager nursing manager surveying the resident teams on her unit to gauge our interest in arriving even earlier each morning (5 AM, perhaps?) […]

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