April 29th, 2009

Swine Flu Treatment Guidelines — For Now

The swine flu situation is so dynamic that what I wrote earlier this week now seems hopelessly dated — except that from the perspective of a clinical ID doctor, it still feels eerily similar to the anthrax and SARS outbreaks.

But related to that post — specifically the use of antivirals — these interim guidelines for use of antivirals in suspected cases of swine flu were posted this afternoon on the CDC site. They make good sense.

Note the strategic use of the word “interim”.  What are the odds they are unchanged during the next week?  1 in a 1000?

One Response to “Swine Flu Treatment Guidelines — For Now”

  1. onesource says:

    Is everyone freaked out over this flu for nothing? Flu’s come and go why is this one so bad?

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