May 7th, 2017

CRISPR and HIV “Cure,” Zinc for Colds, New AIDSInfo Site, CROI Dates, Vanco Pricing, and More: I Can’t Believe It’s May ID Link-o-Rama

A few Infectious Diseases/HIV items to consider as we wait (and keep waiting!) for the warm weather to arrive in chilly, and often wet, New England:

OK, now for a quick non-ID section:

Hey, I started with CRISPR/Cas9, so here’s the big finish. Take it away, A Capella Science!


8 Responses to “CRISPR and HIV “Cure,” Zinc for Colds, New AIDSInfo Site, CROI Dates, Vanco Pricing, and More: I Can’t Believe It’s May ID Link-o-Rama”

  1. JDB says:

    Another informative link-o-rama, Paul. Thank you. On the non-medical topics, have you read Brian Kenny’s “Ahead of the Curve”? I suspect it covers much of the same territory as Law’s book. And I couldn’t agree more re: American Crime, both via-a-vis the quality of the show–that ensemble cast!–and the title.

    • Paul Sax says:

      Yes, I did read it, and loved it. Law’s book is more detailed, both are excellent.


  2. John McKenna says:

    Dear Paul: I admit that I’m socially out-dated. But PLEASE don’t force me to sign up for Twitter to get the results of your polls. Put me down as preferring ART.

    • Paul Sax says:

      Hi John,
      Right now it’s running 80% to 20% for ART vs ARV. So a good day at the polls all around, if you know what I mean!

  3. Loretta S says:

    Agree anecdotally with the tick problem this season. They seem to be loving this cool, wet spring we are having in the Philadelphia area. I found 2 deer ticks attached to my ankle the other day after doing some gardening. And that was with my pants tucked into my socks! (Why yes, with tucked-in pants, long sleeves no matter how hot it is, wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, I DO look like the neighborhood odd person.)

  4. Brandon says:

    I’ve always been under the impression ARV was used for the individual medications while ART was used for a complete regimen.

  5. Brisson Muia says:

    Another informative discussion…thank you

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