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Priya Umapathi, M.D.

Priya was born in the U.K. and grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and Bangalore, India. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Ohio State University with a major in molecular genetics. After a brief stint working with gene therapy at the Columbus Children’s Research Institute and dabbling in business consulting, she quickly realized that viral vectors and taking Corporate America by storm were not her primary calling. She departed to sunnier pastures and completed her medical training at Kasturba Medical College International Center in Manipal, India. Unable to resist the research bug for long, she went to Johns Hopkins to study the effects of O2 regulation on angiogenesis. Priya joined the Rutgers NJMS internal medicine residency program in 2011, and she currently serves as chief resident. On any given day, she is equally likely to be found in the lab evaluating the response of cardiac myocytes to oxidative stress or chatting with residents and patients about all things cardiology. She plans to pursue a career in academic cardiology. Her interests outside of medicine are running, European soccer, and culinary adventures.

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February 17th, 2015


In an era of near-instantaneous transmission of data, where multi-billion dollar financial transactions are completed in the blink of an eye and where the worldwide web will answer any question in less than 0.19 seconds, communication during patient encounters remains a thorny issue.   One recent afternoon, I saw Mrs. D in the medicine clinic. She […]

December 22nd, 2014

Thinking Introspectively About the Holidays

In the midst of the holiday season, nestled as we are between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, I find myself in a reflective frame of mind. December marks the end of the year, and it harkens new beginnings on the horizon — and I find myself transitioning to new phases of my training. Some readers might […]

October 6th, 2014

Introducing Myself

Hello! I’m excited to have an opportunity to share my adventures, experiences, and opinions from chief year with you. Transitioning between life phases can be traumatic at times, but invariably bears great potential for exponential self–growth. This year, so far, has confirmed that there is indeed much growing to be done! We held a transition event […]

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