October 6th, 2014

Introducing Myself

Rutgers University HospitalHello! I’m excited to have an opportunity to share my adventures, experiences, and opinions from chief year with you. Transitioning between life phases can be traumatic at times, but invariably bears great potential for exponential self–growth. This year, so far, has confirmed that there is indeed much growing to be done! We held a transition event for our house staff prior to the beginning of this academic year, which I affectionately dubbed “Metamorphosis” (I know, corny), to discuss some of the expectations, roles, and responsibilities associated with becoming a senior resident. The many themes of the night included incorporating enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity, and compassion into our daily lives to become more effective leaders. I watch my new senior residents draw on these attributes daily as they navigate their way through managing patients and teams independently. We face an ever-changing landscape of medicine with challenges in implementation of healthcare reform, the work hour debate on resident and patient outcomes, the financials of medical school costs relating to choices for specialties, and the rise of genetically personalized healthcare, to name a select few… The adage, “may you live in interesting times,” has never been more apt! My hope is that I will be able to incorporate themes from our Metamorphosis event into my year as chief and look forward to sharing insights with you about both my personal and professional growth.

One Response to “Introducing Myself”

  1. Subash Bazaz says:

    Priya – look forward to reading your insights during your chief year. I am a cardiologist in private practice, out of training for around 12 years. I am very curious as to what types of jobs are available for new medical graduates, and what your peers are choosing to do after residency. Certainly the private practice landscape is changing rapidly, and I can only imagine that the job opportunities for new graduates are very different from what I had to sort through years ago. Hopefully you can provide some observations towards this point from the resident’s perspective. Good luck, look forward to your thoughts!

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