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January 30th, 2014

Selections from Richard Lehman’s Literature Review: January 30th

This week’s topics include articles on the FDA’s premarket approval of cardiac implantable electronic devices, the Stryker Wingspan stent system, and more.

January 6th, 2014

Selections from Richard Lehman’s Literature Review: January 6th

This week’s topics include the NAVIGATOR study, trials of stents, mitral valve repair vs. replacement, and more.

December 3rd, 2013

Stents Lose in Comparisons with Surgery and Medical Therapy

Despite the enormous increase in the use of stents in recent decades, there is little or no good evidence comparing their use to the alternatives of CABG surgery or optimal medical therapy in patients also eligible for these strategies. Now two meta-analyses published in JAMA Internal Medicine provide new evidence that the alternatives to PCI […]

July 15th, 2013

Selections from Richard Lehman’s Literature Review: July 15th

This week’s topics include the prevalence and extent of obstructive CAD in patients undergoing elective coronary catheterization in NY state and Ontario, medical management after coronary stent implantation, and the Look AHEAD trial.

September 17th, 2012

Selections from Richard Lehman’s Literature Review: September 17th

This week’s topics include surgical vs. lifestyle treatment for type-2 diabetes, omega-3 fatty-acid supplementation and the risk for major CVD events, FAME 2, using high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T for one-hour rule-out or rule-in of acute MI, and the timing of acute MI in patients having total hip or knee replacement.

March 5th, 2012

Selections from Richard Lehman’s Weekly Review: Week of March 5th

This week’s topics include goal-oriented patient care, stenting vs. medical therapy, and patient satisfaction and mortality.

September 7th, 2011

Medical Therapy Wallops Stenting for Intracranial Stenosis

In recent years stenting for intracranial arterial stenosis has become widespread. Now, however, a trial testing the procedure has been terminated early, raising serious questions about both the safety and efficacy of the technique. In the SAMMPRIS (Stenting and Aggressive Medical Management for Preventing Recurrent Stroke in Intracranial Stenosis) trial, which has now been published online […]