Scott Hippe, MD

Scott Hippe, MD

Scott is from a small town in western Washington called Snohomish. He has since been making his way “out east.” First to Spokane, Washington, for college at Gonzaga University and medical school at a satellite of the University of Washington. Then, the eastward march continued to the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho in Boise, where he is one of three chief residents this year. He is hooked on family medicine because of the captivating challenge of caring for individuals of all ages. He will discontinue his eastward migration and stay in the Pacific Northwest to practice broad-spectrum family medicine in a small town close to the mountains, rivers, and lakes that have been his home for 3 decades. Although he considers himself ever an amateur, he nonetheless enjoys a good run, bicycle trip, or climb in the outdoors. Before medical school, he vagabonded in many forms, including overseas travel and a bicycle tour across the continental U.S. He learned to play bass last year because the residency band — the “Post Void Residuals” — needed a bassist. His quirkiness is tolerated by his pharmacist-wife and adored by his dog, Chicha.

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August 20th, 2019

Bias in the Residency Ranking Process

“Can we please try to be objective about this!” I said these words to myself over and over during this year’s interview season as we formulated our residency rank list. At my institution, the residents and faculty have equal sway in forming the rank list. The chief resident facilitates the resident half of the process. […]

February 26th, 2019

My Primary Care Manifesto

“She is meant for more than just primary care,” mused an attending on my internal medicine rotation in medical school. He was referring to a particularly adept resident with whom we were working. This resident was planning on practicing clinic-based general internal medicine. I wasn’t sure why this attending disclosed his thoughts regarding this resident […]

December 20th, 2018

Medicine Robbed Me of My 20s

“Medicine robbed me of my 20s.” I’ve heard the line many times in my medical training. It often comes accompanied by a long sigh, a slow sip of coffee, and a glazed stare off into the distance. “Imagine what could’ve been,” the seasoned physician muses, “if I had my 20s to do over, without medicine.” But now, […]

September 19th, 2018

I Was Nearly Kicked Out of the Cafeteria

The nature of the crime? Bringing my reusable food container down for meals. I just wanted to avoid the Styrofoam plates and plastic silverware, but the lunch ladies were convinced I was asking for two portions’ worth of side dishes and then only paying for one. I wasn’t, although I admit to once sprinkling cheese from the salad […]

September 4th, 2018

The Power of Intellectual Humility

Don’t ever be afraid to say, “I don’t know.” Those were parting words from one of my physician mentors in medical school. I had asked him for wisdom in making the transition to residency. “In my career, I’ve seen hundreds of physicians who cannot bring themselves to say those words. They are generally the ones who get […]

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