David Herman, MD

David Herman, MD

Although David is originally from Westchester County, New York, he now resides in Los Angeles, specifically West Hollywood, and is one of three chief residents at the University of Southern California. After a short stint in public relations out East, he changed careers to medicine and has not looked back. David is obsessed with all things liver while in the hospital, and he has deeply enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to learn and train at USC, finding special interest in liver transplant medicine. David has also settled well into life outside of work; after 7 years out West, he is starting to feel like a Californian, for better or worse. In his spare time, he enjoys movie nights with his neighbors, local drag shows, Thai food, and power lifting. He is also a huge video game fanatic and competes in the online Overwatch community (with mixed results) and airs his daily frustrations to his fish, James van der Beek.

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November 21st, 2017

Thoughts on Stigma

“What are we legally able to do? I don’t want to say the ‘quarantine’ word, but I guess I just said it. […] What would you advise, or are there any methods, legally, that we could do that would curtail the spread?” These sentences were spoken by Betty Price, an American politician with a seat in […]

September 27th, 2017

Thoughts on Caring for Sexual-Minority Patients

According to recent polling, approximately 4% of the population of the U.S. identifies as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, which equates to more than 10 million people scattered from coast to coast. In truth, this number likely underestimates the true prevalence. Despite the progress that we have made as a nation towards LGB acceptance and equality, […]

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