Cassie Shaw, MD

Cassie Shaw, MD

Cassie was born, raised, and educated in Kansas, including earning her Bachelor’s Degree at Pittsburg State University and her Medical Doctorate at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. While interviewing for residency, she knew abandoning those familiar golden plains would be a worthwhile venture when she visited Saint Louis University (SLU). After completing her Internal Medicine Residency in Saint Louis, she was selected to stay on as Chief Resident. Even while living in Missouri, she has stayed close to her Kansas roots. She is frequently caught her rocking KU apparel, sneaking a Jayhawk into every presentation, exploring the city with her Labradoodle, Izzy, on the end of a Crimson and Blue leash and talking about KU basketball to anyone who will listen. When not attempting to save Missouri fans from the dark side, you can find her grooving at a concert with Nick, her boyfriend and fellow lover of live music. Long, sleepless residency shifts never kept her away from a great band as she regulars approximately 15 shows per year. In fact, were she not in medicine, Cassie’s dream profession would be a keyboardist in an Indie Rock band. The only thing holding her back from this profession is her lack of any actual musical talent. Alas, rather than slamming tunes on the keys, she has decided to pursue a future as an Academic Hospitalist. She is looking forward to spending her chief year stealing 1 more year of mentorship from her faculty and honing her teaching skills.

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February 8th, 2018

Doctoring in Lipstick

Why do I feel weird wearing lipstick in the hospital? Why do I have to announce myself as a doctor to gain respect from patients and other members of the hospital staff? In my short time as a physician, I have yet to find the answer to these questions, but they seem to lie in […]

October 6th, 2017

We All Give Up Something

We all give up something, usually many somethings, to become doctors. It all starts with medical school where we spend hours listening to lectures, studying books, reviewing slides and reading notes. It continues into residency where we have little control over our schedules, working weekends and holidays; cherishing each of our 4 days off per […]

August 23rd, 2017

Is Transferring a Patient to the ICU a Failure?

As I sit with one hand wrapped around a greasy diner cheeseburger, eating my feelings — I mean, my dinner — it sure feels like failure. It’s 7:22 pm, and the first patient with my name listed as the attending is being packed up to roll into his new room in the intensive care unit. Did I […]

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