Andrew Ip, MD

Andrew Ip, MD

"In west Philadelphia, born and raised …" — OK, not really, but very close! Andrew is a true thoroughbred Philadelphian and lived in the suburbs all through high school. His parents were chemists at Merck (his dad worked on enalapril), and his brother went to Penn for computer science, although he eventually went into stock trading. After thoroughly enjoying cheesesteaks and pretzels, Andrew moved to State College for undergrad at Penn State, only to return to Philly for medical school at Jefferson Medical College (now known as Sidney Kimmel Medical College). He has been in Atlanta for the past 3 years, enjoying his time at Emory's Internal Medicine/Primary Care residency program, and got married to his beautiful wife in 2014. Andrew's hobbies include all things basketball (go Sixers!), and he is an avid ultimate Frisbee player, having participated in many competitions during high school and early college. He also participates in service trips and has gone to east Asia, Thailand, and New Orleans to help in those communities, and he enjoys traveling in general.

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January 22nd, 2016

Today’s Medical Care — A Trap for the Sick and Elderly ?

One of the great things about serving as chief resident this year is the opportunity to attend wards.  Below is a short story about a patient that was admitted to my team for less than 1 hour, but whose impact on me will last the rest of my career: In November, I had the privilege to […]

September 25th, 2015

More Work Hours, More Strokes?

Do doctors work too much? Residents would probably say “Yes! I’m burnt out,” and supplement it with some form of “I’d much rather work less.” Outside of residency, the answer may be a mix of yes, no, and maybe. Recently, Lancet published a meta-analysis on work hours and its effect on incident coronary disease and stroke. The study showed that […]

August 28th, 2015

How Do You Teach Art?

When I first applied for medical school, I beamed about exploring not just the science of medicine, but also the art.  But what is that art?  Some would say it’s clinical experience, combined with being cultured and compassionate and communicating with clarity/conviction.  But how would one teach that art? Journal Watch’s Dr. Allan Brett recently reviewed a multicenter […]

July 10th, 2015

Transitions of Care

Brief HPI: 3rd year resident, Asian-American male, from Philly, presented to Emory University as a wide-eyed intern July 2012, currently admitted to become a new Chief resident at the VA Meds: see EMR Pertinent Labs: see EMR Top Active Problems: Computer Codes – missing but awaiting IT approval Awaiting MRI of brain past 48 hrs – syncope work up […]

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