Allison Latimore, MD

Allison Latimore, MD

Allison is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. Yes, she is ashamed of all Atlanta sports teams (except Atlanta United). She is a proud graduate of Howard University and Meharry Medical College, two of the most prestigious historically black colleges/universities in the world. After spending 5 years in Nashville getting her master's degree and MD, Allison returned to Washington, DC, for residency at Medstar Health/Georgetown-Washington Hospital Center Family Medicine Residency Program, where she is currently a chief resident. In her free time, you will catch her spending time with her fiancé, facetiming her twin sister and parents, shopping online, listening to her Spotify playlists, or trying out new natural hairstyles. After residency, Allison plans on pursuing a career in health policy and health media.

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January 31st, 2020

Sorry, We’re Transitioning

“We are transitioning.” In July of my intern year, this was the sentence that the CEO of our community hospital used to tell the staff that the hospital was closing its inpatient services. The emotions that traversed my mind were quite vast, to say the least. Anger was undeniably at the top of the list, […]

December 3rd, 2019

To HBCU or not to HBCU? That Is the Question.

Finding my home There were a sea of students sitting in the auditorium, and parents were all directed to the balconies. The sound of trumpets began to blare, and the bodies of the marching band swayed rhythmically. Five minutes after soaking in the music, the ambiance, and the liveliness of Howard University, my sister and […]

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