May 5th, 2020


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  1. Sandra Lutts says:

    I wanted to thank you for putting out this blog. My daughter is employed at CHA Everett and I want to thank you all – staff, adminisrators and directors, for ensuring your workers have the appropriate PPE during this time. My heart aches for you all as you do yourly daily rounds and care for our most vulneralbe residents.
    As we contemplate the reopening of our country, we should utilize the experience our countrywide hospital medicall staff as the litmus test or bellwether for opening our society. Medical staff experiences in each state or locatiion should be what drives us to continue social distancing/isolation or a slow reopening.

    Thank you for all you do. I think of you all daily and send you blessings and thanks for what you do. Please keep making statements about what you are experiencing. It hits close to my heart and I share what you are all doing with my co-workers and friends in order to keep them safe and not becoming a patient at a facilitiy here in Maine.

    Deepest regards,
    Sandra Lutts

  2. Frances Ue, MD, MPH says:

    Dear Sandra,

    Thank you for reading and your comment! I agree with you that this ‘de-escalation’ period is a tenuous time. I know we will need to apply our lessons learned to continue to respond to this growing pandemic. CHA is a truly special place to work — I look forward to continuing to advocate for our patients alongside my multidisciplinary colleagues.


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