November 15th, 2011

Water-aided colonoscopy: Does the temperature matter?

  • Many, if not most, colonoscopists are now convinced that using water infusion during scope insertion leads to less patient discomfort and lower sedation needs. What is often used in this situation is water that has been warmed under the assumption that warm is better (i.e., causing less spasm). However, using warm water out of the tap or warmed to a specific temperature in a bath has not been demonstrated to improve outcomes of colonoscopy.

What I am interested in hearing about from you is:

1)       Do you routinely use water infusion during colonoscopy?

2)       If yes, what temperature do you use?

3)       If you use warm water, in what manner do you think it further improves colonoscopy versus room-temperature water, and what specific temperature do you warm it to?

I look forward to hearing from you.

One Response to “Water-aided colonoscopy: Does the temperature matter?”

  1. William Schindler D.O. says:

    I use water-aided to depress the sigmoid loop and warm water . It definitely allows less sedation and helps get around those tethered colons. The infusion also allows better cleansing in the right colon. Disadvantages, you have suction all the fluid out. We tend to sedate less because of patient age and obesity

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