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Since its launch in November 2008, “Gut Check on Gastroenterology” has allowed me to examine issues in clinical gastroenterology in a way that goes beyond our coverage in NEJM Journal Watch, which is focused on presenting the essentials of key research and putting the findings into clinical perspective. In “Gut Check,” I’ll often cite and comment on stories from NEJM Journal Watch, but I’ll also draw on other sources and on my own experience as a clinician, and I’ll ask you to share your experience as well.

The blog is hosted by the Massachusetts Medical Society, publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine and NEJM Journal Watch. Comments to individual posts are, of course, encouraged. This is a moderated forum, meaning that the editorial staff reviews comments before they are posted and that we need to know you are a real person and not some spam-generating bot (hence the requirement for an email address). We will never publish your email address, and inclusion of your name is optional. We will also not publish comments that do any of the following:

  • Personally attack, abuse, or bait others
  • Make the same point repeatedly
  • Self-identify as a patient of mine or one of my colleagues (this is a no-no in the post-HIPAA world)
  • Quote more material than is necessary to capture the point being made, or fail to attribute quoted material — please provide the link
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