June 9th, 2009

Fennerty’s Top 10: Endoscopy News from DDW 2009

Here are ten key findings about endoscopy that were reported at Digestive Disease Week 2009, held May 30 – June 4, 2009 in Chicago:

#10. We need to drop Bisacodyl from the new Gatorade prep.
#9. Wire-guided cannulation during ERCP results in less pancreatitis.
#8. Looking carefully during endoscopy finds lesions, enhanced imaging is not what does it.
#7. Balloon enteroscopy is an important tool in managing small bowel disease and needs to become more widely available.
#6. You do not need to stop aspirin, NSAIDs, or Plavix prior to endoscopic procedures.
#5. Neoplastic Barrett’s belongs to the endoscopist not the surgeon.
#4. Under-represented ethnic populations have special digestive health issues that are not being addressed adequately.
#3. If the virtual colonoscopy is positive and the colonoscopy is negative, we cannot tell the patient to come back in 10 years; we need to repeat testing in the next year or two.
#2. We miss colon cancers during colonoscopy.
#1. Gosh things change fast, and DDW is the place to learn that!

One Response to “Fennerty’s Top 10: Endoscopy News from DDW 2009”

  1. geo kistler says:

    why do we need to drop the bisacodyl? aside from the fact that it doesnt work.and still whether you use gatorade prep or whatever-SPLIT DOSE!

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