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July 2nd, 2012

Selections from Richard Lehman’s Literature Review: July 2nd

This week’s topics include pay for performance, Don Berwick’s Harvard commencement address, tPA for ischemic stroke in warfarin-treated patients, surgery for infective endocarditis, the American health care system, and the record number of RECORD studies.

June 27th, 2012

Panel: Early Surgery for Infective Endocarditis

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Will findings from this trial of early surgery for infective endocarditis change your practice?

April 30th, 2012

Selections from Richard Lehman’s Literature Review: Week of April 30th

This week, Richard looks at endocarditis and ICDs, more stent wars, stroke prevention in A-Fib, and more.

April 25th, 2012

Study Sheds Light on Cardiac Device Infective Endocarditis

A new study sheds light on a rare but highly dangerous complication associated with device implants: cardiac device infective endocarditis (CDIE). Approximately 10% to  23% of device infections result in CDIE, leading, in one estimate, to an overall rate of 1.14 cases per 1000 device-years. In a paper published in JAMA, Eugene Athan and colleagues analyzed data from […]

November 22nd, 2011

Study Examines Role of Surgery for Infective Endocarditis and Heart Failure

Although current guidelines recommend valve surgery for patients with infective endocarditis and heart failure (HF), a large prospective registry finds that many of these patients do not undergo surgery — and have much worse outcomes. In a paper published in JAMA, Todd Kiefer and colleagues report on 4166 patients with infective endocarditis enrolled in the International Collaboration on Endocarditis […]