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October 27th, 2014

Selections from Richard Lehman’s Literature Review: October 27th

This week’s topics include behavioral counseling for those with CV risk factors, long-term outcomes after stenting vs. endarterectomy for treatment of symptomatic carotid stenosis, and more.

July 17th, 2013

Stroke Risk Increases with Nonadherence to Antihypertensive Therapy

A large new observational study demonstrates that people who don’t take their antihypertensive medications are much more likely to have a stroke. The new study, published in the European Heart Journal, used nationwide prescription, hospital, and mortality records from 73,527 hypertensive patients in Finland. The investigators compared 26,704 patients who were hospitalized for or died of stroke with […]

January 10th, 2013

Acute Kidney Injury Associated With Dual Antihypertensive Therapy And NSAIDs

NSAIDs seem to increase the risks for acute kidney injury when taken along with antihypertensive therapy consisting of a diuretic plus an ACE inhibitior or an ARB.

March 22nd, 2012

Uncertainty Over the Clinical Importance of the Diabetes Risk of Diuretics and Statins

With all of the hullaballoo about statins and diabetes last week I wanted to point out a paper that was published online this week in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes. This study examined the long-term effects of incident diabetes on cardiovascular outcomes in patients enrolled in ALLHAT. As you may remember, this trial included more […]

December 20th, 2011

22 Years Later, Study Shows Life-Prolonging Effect of Antihypertensive Therapy

After more than 20 years, the benefits of antihypertensive therapy are still evident, according to a new paper published in JAMA. John Kostis and colleagues performed a 22-year follow-up study on patients enrolled between 1985 and 1988 in the Systolic Hypertension in the Elderly Program (SHEP) trial. In 1991, SHEP found that low-dose chlorthalidone in 4736 elderly patients with isolated […]

March 1st, 2011

CV Patients Without Hypertension Benefit From Antihypertensive Therapy

A new study suggests that patients with CV disease who do not have hypertension may nevertheless benefit from antihypertensive therapy. In a study published in JAMA, Angela Thompson and colleagues performed a meta-analysis of 25 trials including 64,162 patients with CV disease or a risk factor equivalent and without hypertension. Compared to controls, patients who received […]