August 17th, 2011

Transition — A Note from the Journal Watch Editors

First, Journal Watch would like to thank Dr. Greg Bratton for helping us to establish our Chief Resident blog. Greg has moved on to a Sports Medicine fellowship, but we’ll try to convince him to post his most interesting cases and insights as he continues his medical training.

Second, we’re very happy to announce that Dr. Gopi Astik and Dr. Heidi Zook, Chief Residents in Internal Medicine at the University of Missouri–Kansas City, will be our new bloggers. Starting in September 2011, Gopi and Heidi will offer their insights on the medical education experience and the challenges that residents and students face in incorporating evidence-based medicine into practice.

Finally, Dr. Sarah Lewis Bergman, a Senior Resident in Pediatrics at Seattle Children’s Hospital and a member of the Journal Watch Pediatrics editorial board, has kindly agreed to provide us with a taste of what life is like in this very important primary care field. She’ll be writing for the rest of the summer about her patients and experiences.

Please feel free to correspond with any of our resident bloggers by using the Comments feature at the end of each post.

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