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February 28th, 2011

Practice-Changing Articles II

Recent advances and discussions in medicine are the cornerstone of Journal Watch. Here’s the second installment of the articles that made the biggest impression on me in the past 2 weeks. I hope you enjoy the articles I selected. Please feel free to leave a comment on the articles — Do you like them? Dislike them? Agree, disagree, state your […]

February 23rd, 2011

The Passion of Medicine and Its Music

I admit it. International medicine and I don’t dance. Whereas a lot of my former classmates and current colleagues have gone to Brazil, Ghana, Haiti, Israel, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea for medical missions, I typically travel only as far away as high school football buses can go on a tank of gas. I prefer the […]

February 14th, 2011

Practice-Changing (or at Least Interesting!) Articles

Recent advances and discussions in medicine are the cornerstone of Journal Watch. To provide some insight into what I believe is potentially the most practice-changing current medical information for busy clinicians, I will be highlighting three articles every other week that I think are interesting, relevant, and, in some cases, just plain fascinating. I hope […]

February 9th, 2011

Snow Days in Texas

Believe it or not, it snowed in Texas this week. Mixed between our normal seasonal 60-degree days, were 5 days of ice, snow, and wintery chaos. To most outside of the Lone Star State, snow days aren’t that big a deal. You put on a heavier coat, grab the snow shovel, strap the chains on […]

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