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December 1st, 2011

Meta-Analysis Finds Benefits for Self-Monitoring in Some Warfarin Patients

Despite the advent of newer anticoagulants that don’t require monitoring, millions of people will continue to take warfarin for many years to come. Now a new meta-analysis published in the Lancet suggests that some of these patients may benefit from self-monitoring. Carl Heneghan and colleagues analyzed data from 11 trials with 6417 patients on oral anticoagulation and 12,800 person-years […]

October 21st, 2010

INR Home Testing Found Comparable to Point-of-Care Testing

Weekly INR self-testing at home is comparable to monthly point-of-care testing, according to results of THINRS (the Home International Normalized Ratio Study), published in the New England Journal of Medicine. David Matchar and colleagues found no difference in the incidence of stroke, major bleeding episode, or death in the 2922 patients taking warfarin who were randomized to […]