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September 1st, 2014

Selections from Richard Lehman’s Literature Review: September 1st

This week’s topics include aortic valve stenosis, presenting the benefits of PCI to patients, and more.

April 5th, 2013

Are Adults with Congenital Heart Disease Falling Off the Radar?


A new study characterizes the gaps in care that patients with congenital heart disease experience as they move from adolescence to adulthood.

March 7th, 2013

Hospitals Are Seeing Rapidly Growing Numbers of Adults with Congenital Heart Disease

Hospitals are treating increasing numbers of adults with congenital heart disease, thanks to tremendous progress in treatment for this condition in recent decades. A clear picture of this dramatic change emerges in a new study, presented at the ACC in San Francisco and published simultaneously in JAMA. Jared O’Leary and colleagues analyzed data from the Nationwide […]

July 2nd, 2012

Eroding Confidence in ASD Occlusion Devices


The FDA has identified more than 100 cases of cardiac erosion following atrial septal defect occlusion (ASO) device implantation. All were associated with implantation of the AMPLATZER (AGA Medical/St. Jude Medical) or related cribriform ASO devices; none have been reported thus far with the GORE HELEX (Gore Medical) ASO device. Although the estimated occurrence of cardiac erosion […]

September 14th, 2011

Study Sheds Light on Consequences of Bicuspid Aortic Valve

Although bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) is the most frequently occurring congenital heart defect, little is known about the long-term prognosis of people with BAV. Now a study published in JAMA shows that although affected people have a low overall rate of aortic complications, their risk is nevertheless about 8 times greater than the risk of those without BAV. Hector […]