March 24th, 2012

Opening with a Bang

Several Cardiology Fellows who are attending ACC.12 this week are blogging together on CardioExchange.  The Fellows include Tariq AhmadBill CornwellMegan CoylewrightJeremiah Depta, and John Ryan (moderator). Read the previous post here. Read the next one here.

The opening session began with a “montage” fit for a Stars Wars sequel, complete with an exhilirating soundtrack. The use of media in this conference borders on the excessive, but it’s certainly entertaining. I wonder how the instant availability of the sessions changes who attends. Still, I’m here just 24 hours, and there is no question the value of connecting with people face to face.

Exciting news from the earliest of the late-breakers: the latest study on bone marrow mononuclear cells for LV dysfunction was negative, and the study on a new anti-platelet to be added to standard of care, vorapaxar, was positive. Both had many caveats, the former with the technical details (how are cells selected? prepared? injected) and the latter with the practical details (Panelist Eduardo Marban: if I were stranded on a desert island, this wouldn’t be in my doctor’s bag given the high NNT). ACC President David Holmes continues to encourage us to dream big, and this positive, uplifting attitude is one that he carries every day in the cath lab.

He concluded saying, “These results (on vorapaxar) demonstrate the continued need to individualize care.” Just how do we do that? A small plug for the decision making session Monday morning.

Don’t forget the FIT Mix and Mingle later this afternoon at 3:30 (South, Hall A, Bistro).

One Response to “Opening with a Bang”

  1. Jean-Pierre Usdin, MD says:

    In spite of very enthousiastic report of pr Morrow I am not sure Voraxapar will be accepted in clinical practice soon:
    patient’s selection is very narrow,
    other platlets inhibitors are (or will be soon in France)in the market
    bleeding problems are not so rare with Vorapaxar.
    the patients needed to treat according to the report are high (I calculate 1 for 58 or 73 if I remember well)
    so this really different anti-platlet agent is not for toMorrow.