December 6th, 2010

Senate Report Exposes Abbott’s Ties to Mark Midei

A U.S. Senate report exposes new information about the relationship between Abbott Laboratories and Mark Midei, the interventional cardiologist who has been accused of implanting hundreds of unnecessary stents at St. Joseph Medical Center in Maryland. News stories on the report appear in today’s Baltimore Sun, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal.

While still working at St. Joseph Medical Center, Midei was prized by Abbott as a high-volume operator and received congratulations from the company for implanting 30 stents in one day. The company paid for parties at Midei’s house, including $2,159  for a barbecue that included a whole smoked pig. After leaving St. Joseph, Midei worked for a time as a paid consultant for Abbott, but cut short a trip in Asia when his case became well known after the publication of stories in the Sun. Midei then worked in Saudi Arabia at the Prince Salman Heart Center, but that job was also discontinued due to the bad publicity.

3 Responses to “Senate Report Exposes Abbott’s Ties to Mark Midei”

  1. I know Dr Midei. I used to work in the same hospital with him (Church Home hospital)in Baltimore in the early 1990. I used to call him for cardiology consults. Impressed me as a very decent and honest medical professional. It is hard to believe all these news about him.
    Artemio Miranda, M.D.

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  2. implanting 39 stents per day is terribly high number to justify. I think two stages stent procedyre will be the solution and protection for both cardiologist and patents with full explanations of the procedure and carefull assessment of syntax score is the way to go.

  3. The crude facts remain what they are, crude facts. The volume is alarming as is the Madei’s naivety in allowing so close a relationship with Abbott. The BBQ party was crass. I am unaware of fundamental criticism and doubts about the technical skills employed and / or accusation that procedures were not required. But 30 stents in a day? Bizarre and entirely egocentric. To bring stenting into doubt or to allow patients to perceive that it is an industry / reward driven activity would be tragic. It is and remains a truly life changing procedure, minimal risks and huge benefits. To alter this perception would be to render the cardio community a huge dis-service.

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