November 16th, 2014

Ryan’s Rules for #AHA14

John Ryan provides some helpful hints for managing your experience at the AHA 2014 cardiology conference. For more cardiology-related tips and tricks, you can follow him @drjohnjryan. For more of our AHA.14 coverage of late-breaking clinical trials, interviews with the authors of the most important research, and member perspectives on the most interesting presentations at the meeting, check out our AHA.14 Headquarters.

  1. Always have your talk on a jump drive.
  2. Always have a phone charger—if you leave it in the hotel room, you’ll regret it!
  3. Dress casually—no, scratch that! Wear a suit! Definitely wear a suit, unless you’re prepared to stand out!
  4. Early career folks should go to the early career sessions & reception.
  5. Go to the Opening Session and Presidential Address—it is always pretty inspiring.
  6. Go to your friends’ talks—they appreciate the support.
  7. Go to the poster sessions—that is where the magic is.
  8. Don’t go to your Chief’s talk- you hear them speak enough at home #no_disrepect #new_frontiers.
  9. Go into a random room that you know nothing about—you will learn the most there.
  10. Say hello to people you used to work with. It’s always worthwhile.
  11. If you see your cardiovascular hero standing by themselves, introduce yourself.
  12. Review your slides in the Speaker Ready Room before you talk.
  13. Tell those back at work & at home what you learned and saw at AHA.
  14. There’s more to Chicago than #AHA14. Go check it out.
  15. Exercise for 30 minutes every day while at AHA—it is an AHA recommendation after all.
  16. Go to your councils dinner—if you don’t have a ticket, just ask the council chair to pay #networking_is_why
  17. Find the room where you are giving your talk an hour before you are to give the talk—you don’t want to be struggling to find S401bcd 5 minutes before your talk.
  18. Take off your lanyard/nametag when you go out in the evening.
  19. Don’t lose your lanyard/nametag when you go out in the evening.
  20. “Have fun, enjoy yourself—it’s a great time”. I stole that from Tom Ryan, AHA prez 84-86. #no_relation #greatest_AHA_president

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