August 4th, 2014

Selections from Richard Lehman’s Literature Review: August 4th

CardioExchange is pleased to reprint this selection from Dr. Richard Lehman’s weekly journal review blog at Selected summaries are relevant to our audience, but we encourage members to engage with the entire blog.

JAMA Intern Med August 2014

Trends in Use of Ezetimibe After the ENHANCE Trial (OL):  Once more it is time to praise Joe Ross. He has two articles waiting to see print in JAMA Internal. The first one tracks the continuing use of ezetimibe in the United States following the ENHANCE trial, which demonstrated that ezetimibe use lowered cholesterol levels, but did not slow the progression of atherosclerosis. He and his team looked at the records of 10 597 296 continuously eligible adults in the USA, and found that nearly three years after ezetimibe had been shown to do nothing, 186 272 of them were still ezetimibe users, i.e. 1.8% of the total adult population.

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