May 10th, 2013

Blogging at HRS 2013: Great Takeaways on Day 2

Several Cardiology Fellows who are attending the Heart Rhythm Society meeting in Denver this week are blogging for CardioExchange. The Fellows include Luis Garcia, Sandeep Goyal, and Amit Mehrotra. You can view the previous post here.

Today was an amazing day of emerging data and great advice!

Sanjiv Narayan presented the results of a rotor-guided approach to AF ablation without PVI. The success rate was above 80%. These results have the potential to shift the AF ablation paradigm away from a pulmonary vein isolation approach. Llearning more about how the the mapping system finds the rotors is also of great interest. To treat AF without PVI isolation is a possibility that may be much closer than we think!

Eric Prystowsky’s noon session on how to build a successful career for the EP fellow was very insightful. At this intimate roundtable session, Dr. Prystowsky stressed the importance of his “Ps” (patience, punctuality, passion). He also highlighted his “Q” (quality of life) and not missing nonrepeatable events in life (for example, your child’s kindergarten graduation).

Overall, great takeaways!

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