November 6th, 2012

Poster Sessions: Better to Present or Observe?

Several Cardiology Fellows who are attending AHA.12 in LA this week are blogging together for CardioExchange. The Fellows include Tariq AhmadReva BalakrishnanMegan CoylewrightEiman JahangirAmit Shah, and John Ryan (moderator). Read the previous post here.  Find the next one here. For related CardioExchange content, go to our AHA 2012 Headquarters page.

Today, I had my poster presentation session. I was excited and had worked hard on the poster. When it came time to print it, I decided to use the AHA printing service. This service is a great resource as they not only print the posters at competitive prices but also will deliver it to the conference and set it up for you.

So this morning, I woke up and hurriedly went to the convention hall to ensure my poster was there. A small part of me was worried that it might not show up or had been lost in the mix. When I showed up, I gave a sigh of relief. There was my poster, and it was set up and ready to go.

Relaxed and ready to present knowing all I had to do was show up!

The session was good but not that busy. There were only four interested people who stopped to chat. One was a reporter, two were from industry outside of the U.S., and one was a rheumatologist. Not a single cardiologist to speak of.

So after 90 minutes, I left my poster to see how others were doing. I ran into my co-fellow from Vanderbilt University, Sandeep Goyal (see picture below), who had done interesting work in atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea. We talked a while about his work before I moved on. By the end of the session, while I enjoyed talking to the few individuals who stopped to talk about my poster, I found my interactions with other poster presenters more fulfilling.

What part of the poster session do you find most intriguing — presenting or observing?

Sandeep Goyal, MD presenting work on atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea

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