March 25th, 2012

Why Being at ACC in Person Matters

Several Cardiology Fellows who are attending ACC.12 this week are blogging together on CardioExchange.  The Fellows include Tariq AhmadBill CornwellMegan CoylewrightJeremiah Depta, and John Ryan (moderator). Read the previous post here. Read the next one here.

An educational event on aortic stenosis with astounding teachers (O’Gara, Carabello, Mack, Tuczu, among others) last night proved yet again how essential it is to attend the meetings in person. A brief conversation leads to partnerships, and as John Rumsfeld explained at the Fellows’ Mix and Mingle, it was at ACC conferences as a fellow and young faculty where he met his early mentors and started projects which kicked off his career (now on the ACC Board of Trustees). We are lucky to have the time and resources to attend!

It underscores the need for programs continue to support, encourage, and guide fellows in attending these meetings.

On the topic of active encouragement…my program director, Paul Sorajja, motivated many of us to run in the Shamrock Shuffle today! And there’s a 5K coming up as well.

Hope to see you all at the fellows’ clinical decision making session starting at 4:30 pm…once again, another chance to learn from the great teachers (Brush, Holmes, Nish, O’Gara).

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