November 15th, 2011

An Event, Not a Conference

Several Cardiology Fellows who are attending AHA.11 this week are blogging together on CardioExchange.  The Fellows include Revathi Balakrishnan, Eiman Jahangir, John Ryan (moderator), and Amit Shah. Read the previous post here. Check back often to learn about the biggest buzz in Orlando.

This is the last day of the conference for me. While I am sad that I will be missing some of the sessions tomorrow, I am definitely ready to go home. Each day has been packed full of plenary sessions, forums, posters, etc. It truly is an event and not a conference. You can’t just lay low and relax: The conference requires both mental energy — science to be learned, posters to be read, and a program book the size of an encyclopedia to maneuver through — and physical energy — to hike to the various sessions spread all over this large conference center. I am sure that I have walked over 10 miles. That may be an overstatement, but my dress shoes were definitely not designed for cross-country walking. All of the conference employees commute around the center on Segways, which I’ve been thinking would be a nice mode of transportation for us all. Then I remember that I am a cardiologist and that I tell all of my patients to walk regularly. Therefore, I should walk around the conference center instead of being a hypocrite and using a Segway.

My favorite session of the weekend: Martin Leon’s presentation on the future of interventional cardiology, on which I’ve already commented. Which was yours?

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