May 24th, 2011

New-Onset AF Linked to Increase in Death and CV Events in Women

In the Women’s Health Study, which followed nearly 35,000 women for more than 15 years, mortality was significantly higher in the 1011 women who developed AF than in the women who did not, according to a report by David Conen and colleagues published in JAMA.

Here are the incidence rates (per 1000 person-years of follow-up) for women who developed AF compared with women without AF:

  • all-cause mortality: 10.8 versus 3.1, adjusted HR 2.14
  • CV mortality: 4.3 versus 0.57, adjusted HR 4.18
  • non-CV mortality: 6.5 versus 2.5, adjusted HR 1.66

The investigators observed that the increased mortality risk was “partly mediated through the occurrence of nonfatal cardiovascular disease,” in particular CHF and stroke. They concluded that this findings indicates “a potential opportunity to improve the outcome of individuals with new-onset AF through both prevention and optimal management of these associated comorbidities.”

In an accompanying editorial, Yoko Miyasaka and Teresa Tsang write that the study helps confirm that “AF is not a benign condition but in fact is associated with premature death. Newly identified AF in seemingly healthy women should be taken seriously and treated aggressively….”


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