October 7th, 2010

Genome Studies Pool Data to Gain Power

Leaders of several genome-wide association studies have agreed to collaborate and combine their data in the hope that by dramatically raising the sample size of their studies, they will “contribute to our understanding of the role of common genetic variation on risk for CAD and MI.” In an article in Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics, Michael Preuss and colleagues report the formation of the CARDIoGRAM (Coronary ARtery DIsease Genome-wide Replication And Meta-analysis) consortium.

“Only a small proportion of the inheritability of CAD has been explained,” said Heribert Schunkert, a spokesperson for the consortium, in an AHA press release. “By pooling all of the published and unpublished data, we hope to make discoveries that might have been overlooked. Given that up to 2.5 million comparisons are carried out, in parallel, for each whole-genome scan, distinguishing between true and false associations has been difficult.”

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